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Probate Made Simple

Probate Made Simple

Solicitors' fees are often viewed as excessive by their clients, especially when these fees are charged for Probate. Banks and many solicitors charge fees for Probate which would be regarded as over-the-top in any other line of work, considering the simplicity of what is involved in many cases. And the death of a loved one can be stressful at the best of times, without the added worry of paying for legal fees which may be higher than necessary.

The problem for the consumer of legal services in these situations is that he or she will have little idea of

(1) how long it will take a solicitor to carry out Probate work;
(2) what special expertise might be involved in Probate, or
(3) what might or might not constitute a fair bill for that work.

'Probate Made Simple' addresses these issues for the first time for the legal client by providing advice on what is involved in Probate, how solicitors charge and how you can get fair charges where the involvement of solicitors is necessary. It gives guidance on how to minimise and evaluate solicitors' quotes and get the most out of legal professionals for less. Breakdowns of what typical probate tasks involve and what charging methods solicitors employ make this book an indispensable guide to getting fair legal services.

For those who wish to take the DIY approach, or to do some tasks themselves and delegate other tasks to a solicitor, Probate Made Simple sets out the main steps to follow in order to work on probate logically.

In addition to this, over thirty template letters are provided as practical examples of the correct approach to follow when contacting banks, insurance firms, beneficiaries of the will, solicitors and others.

Saving money on probate work in the simple ways outlined in this book could make a real difference to your inheritance and to the sums received by the other beneficiaries of a will. This is the book anyone going through this potentially expensive, stressful and opaque process needs to have to hand.

If you don't want the lawyers to take a sizeable chunk of your inheritance, you can't afford not to buy this book. At only £12.99, it has to be one of the best investments you will ever make.

The book is 134 A4 pages in PDF format which you can download immediately on payment