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Will writing

We produce wills while you wait.

We prepare all our wills by first discussing with you what you want to do and giving you any legal advice that is appropriate to your requirements.

When we have made sure that we know in details what it is that you wish to do in your will we prepare the will. We send you a copy by post or by email to give you the opportunity to consider the will and make changes if necessary.

We then visit you with the final document and make sure that you sign it in accordance with the legal formalities that need to be followed to create a valid will.

It is up to you where you where you store the will but we can make suggestions on your behalf if needs be.

We are happy to visit you in your home (or at hospital if that is required)to assist you to make a will.

Our fees are as follows:

Wills on similar terms for maried couples/unmarried couples/civic partners ...................................................£140.00

Wills for a single person .....................................................................................................................................................£95.00

Probate Services

A Grant of Probate is a document which you will need to access the money, property, bank accounts and other assets held in the name of a deceased person.

We provide an expert service to help you to obtain a Grant of Probate and we aim to provide value for money.

All our probate work, from advising you about obtaining a grant of probate to estate administration, is done on the basis of fixed fees agreed in advance – so you will never be left guessing how much the final bill will be.

We explain to you from the outset what is involved and give you the option of doing some (or most) of the work yourself if you want to.

The benefits to you is that you retain as much control as you require.

Call us now to arrange a meeting or find out more: 01484 430834

We will usually be able to obtain a Grant of Probate for you for under £400. This will cover our fee. There will also be a fee payable to the Probate Registry of £150.00. So the total cost will usually be less than £550.00.

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a document which gives one or more people the legal authority to run the financial affairs of another person; or to take decisions about the health and welfare etc of that other person.

A Lasting Power of Attorney would typically be signed by someone as a precaution against the future loss of mental capacity.

If you lose your mental capacity at some time in the future and you do not have a Lasting Power of Attorney, a court order will be required to give someone the legal authority to manage your financial affairs. The cost of obtaining the order will probably be well in excess of £1,000 and will be paid for by you, from your savings, with or without your consent. You may not be given any choice about the person appointed to manage your affairs.

A Lasting Power of Attorney will cost considerably less than a court order to manage your affairs, and will allow you to choose the person (or persons) who will act on your behalf. There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney: a Property and Affairs LPA, and a Personal Welfare LPA.

We will meet with you and prepare a Lasting Power of Attorney on your behalf to your specification for a fixed fee.
Our fixed fees are currently £200 for an LPA for one person and £350 for two people on similar terms (e.g., for married couples or civil partners).

Please note that a Lasting Power of Attorney cannot be used until it has been registered with the Public Guardianship Office. The above fees do not include the cost of registration.

Call us now to arrange a meeting or find out more: 01484 430834 or 077738 90979

Protecting your home from the impact of care fees

If you are a homeowner and/or have worked hard to save money for your retirement, you will probably want to leave your home and at least some of your nest egg to your children as an inheritance.

However, if in the future you become incapable of looking after yourself and you need to live in a care home, you will be expected to pay for your own care home fees with catastrophic effects on your home and savings.
There will likely be little left for your children to inherit.

If you are married or civil partners or two people living together, special Wills can be drafted which may preserve your home and money for the next generation.

We give advice and provide wills which can protect your home and savings for a fixed fee of £195.00 (which includes severance of tenancy – a legal procedure we will explain to you if this procedure should be required).

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